Welcome to Intelligent sleep monitoring system

This site was created to manage study about sleep disorders using GENEActiv actigraph and to present its results. Site consists of this parts: Dashboard, that presents the results of the study subject by subject. Administration site used to login & manage the system. Administrators of the system can access Utils page that contains commands to perform batch operations.


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Brno University of Technology

See the details about the institution that stands behind the system.

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Find more information about team that created the system.

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Project supported by Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE, innovation and knowledge development.

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Source codes

Source codes of the project are accessible via its Github repository.

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Visit the website of the manufacturer of GENEActiv actigraph.

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Open source dataset of actigraphy and polysomnography data.

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System was created based on the web framework Django.

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Predictions of sleep are made with XGBoost algorithm.

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